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2009-06-29 07:46 am
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tell them we’re like magnets
Author: _mournthewicked
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 83,000 (No, really.)
Summary: The story of Jared and Jensen's life together reads sort of like a fairytale. Come on, childhood friends growing up and falling in love? It doesn't get much sweeter than that. But now their perfect summer has ended, and it's time to go off to college. They're more than ready to tackle this new chapter of their lives together, but deadlines, scheduling conflicts, and epic misunderstandings threaten to make the journey harder, and the outcome uncertain. The boys soon learn that not everything comes easy, that sometimes just being in love isn't enough, and they find themselves struggling to keep their grip on what matters most - each other.

Fifth installment of [ profile] _mournthewicked's reinventing love 'verse, and best one yet.
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2009-06-22 01:16 pm
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The Light of Munin
Rating: NC-17 (language, torture, sexual situations, angst up the wazoo)
Characters: Sam, Dean, Castiel
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Castiel/Dean (unrequited)
Word Count: 69,467
Summary: Beyond the Apocalypse, beyond the Rapture, beyond the reach of memory ... How long can even the strongest love survive?

OMG THIS FIC WAS AMAZING. I suck at reviews and feedback so I can't really express just how great it is. Go check it out for yourself. Even if you're not an evil!Sam fan.
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2009-05-30 04:16 am
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I mostly made this because everyone else had one. But I might actually use this journal. I think I'll post some recs and maybe, eventually, a picspam or two.